Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Narural Immunity

Many studies and researches have proven that all diseases can be prevented or cured, if we boost our immune system and do regular detoxification. The diseases include AIDS, H1N1, bird flu, cancer, heart attack, diabetes and more than 10,000 other listed diseases.

Most people has delegated their health to the doctors. They visit the doctors as soon as the symptoms of sickness appear. The drugs and vaccines given only suppress the symptoms temporary. They have side effects and add more toxins to our body which is already very toxic when we are sick. People having health issues should just detox, reduce the intake of toxins and let the body heals itself. The symptoms of sickness e.g. flu, fever, skin rashes, weakness, etc, are our body ways of informing us that our immunity is low. They are not sickness or diseases.
Some people either take supplements when they are sick. Supplements cannot be compared with the natural food, herbs and fruit juices which has all the phyto-nutrients,  vitamins and minerals that scientists have discovered and have yet to discover. Supplements are useful only when the patients cannot eat or drink.
Our body is the best "doctor" for us in the world. It has a natural immunity and self-healing mechanism. It is not designed to get sick or become diseased. It can get rid of toxins, kill viruses, bad bacterias and parasites.
We make ourselves sick by not following nature. We eat and drink plenty of unhealthy items that damage our self- healing mechanism. On top of these, we subject ourselves to vaccination and take drugs to cause more damage to it.
We can be in optimum health if we "overhaul our body" and take care of it's needs naturally.
Some of our body needs are:

1. Detox the body every month (Cleanse all the body organs)
2. Remove the liver and gallbladder stones regularly
3. Reduce the intake of toxins from food, drink, and environment
4. Eat plenty of fresh, local organic fruits and raw vegetables (eaten or blend and drink immediately)
5. Avoid drinking unhealthy beverages 
5. Do regular moderate exercise e.g brisk walking, qigong and tai chi
6. Live a healthy lifestyle e.g. sleep before 10.00 pm, reduce smoking, drink 2-3 litres of clean water p/day
7. Avoid unnecessary drugs and vaccines
8. Do meditation or other forms of stress-releasing activities

By fulfilling our body needs mentioned above, we can take control of our health.

Contact me for  health talk / coaching or for a one-day workshop to learn how to take control of your health and your loved ones. More information on health is found in some of my earlier postings.

Prevention is better than medical treatment.

"Success Is HAVING what You WANT.
Happiness Is WANTING What You HAVE
Health Is Not Valued Till Sickness Comes"

May you be well, happy and healthy always.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Welcome to my blog

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"Success Is HAVING what You WANT.
Happiness Is WANTING What You HAVE
Health Is Not Valued Till Sickness Comes"

May you be well, happy and healthy always.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cure for Cancer

There are more than 200 types of cancer. In America, 1 in 3 people above 65 years have cancer. In Malaysia, we are not far behind them.

Sad to mention that after over 30 years and billions spent, the allopathy treatments for cancers are still not successful. The allopathy treatments use chemotheraphy, radiotheraphy, drugs to kill the cancer cells and surgery to remove the tumour. In the course of killing the cancer cells and removing the tumour, many healthy cells are also killed.
According to the book "Cancer Is Not A Disease" written by Andreas Moritz, only 2-7% of cancer patients survived cancer treatments. Many of these remission cases died within 5 years. This is because the allopathy treatments do not remove the root cause of the diseases. On top of it, they weaken the patients due to lack of nutrients (patients vomitting and have no appetite for food) and too much drugs which increase the acidity and reduce the oxygen in the body.

Cancer diseases, like other chronic diseases, are mostly due to toxins, acidity, lack of nutrients and oxygen. If we follow the suggestions below, we can prevented or maybe cured cancer.
1) Remove toxins - by regular enema, colon, liver and gallbladder cleanse..
2) Reduce acidity - by drinking ionic alkaline water, eating bitter herbs, meditation, colon cleansing and
    reducing the intake of meat.
3) Complete nutrients - by consuming at least 6 servings of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables juices
4) Increase Oxygen - through exercise, qigong, ozonator, oxygen theraphy, drinking diluted food-grade
    hydrogen peroxide solution.

I can share with you how these four aspects can be obtained. You don't have to spend a lot of money on cancer treatment. Contact me and request for a health talk or a one-day workshop on how to take control of our health.

May you be well, happy and healthy.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Health Talk

Having health problems???

Chronic diseases, e.g. cancer, heart attack, diabetes, obesity, depression and more than 10,000 other diseases, are symptoms given out by your body. You spend a lot of money on healthy food, health-care products, supplements and medications. You exercise and follow a healthy lifestyle for years. BUT has your health problems improved or are they cured? WHY? We have the ANSWERS. Contact us for a health talk.

Topics :
1. The Secret to Health
2. Detoxification - intestines, colon, parasite, liver and gallbladder cleanse
3. Remove liver and gallbladder stones
4. Toxins reducing soup
5. Natural prevention and cure for diseases
6. Activate your self-healing mechanism
7. Rejuvenate and revitalize your body
8. Boost your natural immunity
9. Healthy food, drink and exercise
10. How to live a healthy lifestyle
11. How to take control of your health

The non-religious two-and-a-half-hours talk (not MLM) is by H.N.Liew, a Health Coach in Ayurveda and Naturopath. You can arrange for the talk at the convenience of your home, office or organization anywhere in the Klang Valley. The talk fee is RM30/= per person. Minimum of 8 participants is required. If there isn't enough people, sms/email us so that we can combine you with other people. Reimbursement charge is required for outstation talk.

SMS Mr. Liew (h/p 019-3136282) or email: bodyoverhaulent@gmail.com for confirmation of talk. State your name, venue, date, time and no. of people attending.

Thank you for reading my postings.

"Success Is HAVING what You WANT.
Happiness Is WANTING What You HAVE
Health Is Not Valued Till Sickness Comes"

May you be Well and Healthy always.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Toxins in Body

Our body is accumulating hundreds of toxic matters everyday. They enter our body through our food, drink and exposure to environmental pollutants. They damage our self-healing mechanism and thus lower our immunity. As a result, we often fall sick or have minor health issues. These sicknesses and minor health issues are symptoms given out by our body warning us that it is over loaded with toxins. If we do not remove them, the sicknesses or health issues will become chronic diseases.

Listed below are some symptoms of toxicity in the body:
Acne / boils
Bad breath (Halitosis)
Frequent cold/influenza
Furry coating on tongue
Hair falling off
Joint pain
Long ridges on nails
Migraine / headache
Mood changes
Poor appetite
Post menopause syndrome
Pot belly or obesity
Skin problems
Sleepy after meal
Tired with minimum exertion
and thousands of other symptoms

If you have one or more of the above symptoms, you need to detox your body.

The first step in the basic detox is the colon cleanse. It helps to purge out the accumulated toxins and pollutants in the intestines and colon. They must be purged out every 3 to 4 weeks, otherwise the toxins and the mucus plaque formed in the intestinal and colon walls, will cause a host of diseases from our mouth to our anus. Further more, the toxins and the acidic fluid accumulated in the congested gut, will leach into the blood and lymphatic systems. When this happens, our organs and body systems will become damaged and lose their functions. They will also be defendless against viruses, bacteria and parasites. This will lead to chronic diseases.

The second step is the parasite cleanse. We must have at least two bowel movements per day, if not, we are having constipation. The accumulated fecal matters will become acidic and is a condusive environment for the parasites to live and breed. The parasites can leach into the blood system and migrate to various parts of our body. Some of the health issues caused by parasites are migraine, headache, backache, diarrheoa and pain in the joints and body.
The parasite cleanse helps to remove or kill the harmful parasites in the body.

The third step is to do a liver and gallbladder cleanse which should flush out the liver and gallbladder stones.
The liver performs more than 500 functions.

Below are some of their functions:
Filters toxins from blood so that they are not sent to the heart to be pumped to various parts of the body

Produces urea for urine so that there will be less uric acid in the body
Stores vitamins & minerals so that they can be released when required
Produces hormones for many types of body functions
Produces amino acids for body usage
Bile to emulsify fats so that they can be utilized by the body
Maintains glucose level so that there won't be too much sugar in the blood
Produces 80% cholesterol for body activities
Produces bio-chemicals for digestion

One of the major functions of the liver is to use the cholesterol to bind the toxins, chemicals and other environmental pollutants into stones. But unfortunately, our modern diet and lifestyle cause the formation many stones. The stones can congest the ducts in the liver. Liver stones can also find their way to the gallbladder and be stored there. When there are too many stones, the liver and the gallbladder functions will be affected.  Every adult has liver and gallbladder stones ranging from 2,000 to 20,000. They are the cause of 10,000 types of health issues.
The liver is just like the oil filter in our car. Every time we service our car, we change the oil filter. Since we cannot change our liver, we should at least service it once a month by flushing out the stones.

There are many detox programmes and detox products sold in the market. Most programmes only cleanse the colon. But the more important ones are parasite, liver and gallbladder cleanse.
Some detox programmes make you purge once or none at all. Some make you purge more than 10 times. A good detox programme makes you purge 3 to 8 times. A good basic detox programme should include a colon, parasite, liver and gallbladder cleanse mention above.

Performing the basic detox monthly can help you prevent or even cure chronic diseases. It is also the first step to taking control of your health.

For more information on health, visit my other blog: bodyoverhauldetox.blogspot.com

May you be well and happy always.

Liew Hee Nam