Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sabah Snake Grass

Good News!!!
Recently, I met a man who had Lymphatic Cancer - Stage 4 with 123 lymph nodes affected. His cancer started in March 2008.

Affected parts: 1st: Right lung, 2nd: Left lung, 3rd: Groin, 4th: Eye and 5th Mouth.
After 9 chemo therapies he stopped the treatment on 10/11/2008 because 5 specialists said he can only survive for 3 months. Today, after more than 2 years, he has recovered and is still living. Thanks to the Sabah Snake Grass (Clinacanthus) which he planted outside his house.
He blended the leaves with green apple (minus skin and seeds) and drank them after breakfast everyday.

After 3 days, 6 tumours disappeared.
After 13 days, he went for a blood test.The oncologist said that he was 96% cured.

So far more than 1,000 people who had taken the herbs showed improvement.

Case 1) Man - age 54
             Lung Cancer: 3rd stage.
            Chemothrapy 6 times
            Tumour before taking Sabah Snake Grass 29mm, 44mm, 76mm
            Tumour two weeks after taking Sabah Snake Grass
            reduced to 20mm, 27mm, 67mm respectively

Case 2) Woman
             Uterus cancer – tumour size 6cm
             Scheduled for surgery. After taking SSG, reduced to 3.5cm.
             Doctor said no need to operate 
             Continue taking the SSG, the tumour disappeared.

Case 3) Man
            Prostate Cancer
            After taking SSG for 11 days, the tumour disappeared.

Case 4) Woman from KL
             Breast and Lung Cancer
             Both breasts removed - 4 stage. Very weak, cannot eat,
             on drip and lying in hospital.
             Family member poured SSG juice into her mouth through tube.
             After a few days, could eat and was discharged.
            28 days later was all tumours disappeared.

Case 5) Woman from Taiping
             Breast Cancer
            After taking SSG for 3 days, the wound dried up.

Case 6) Leukemia Patients
            So far 4 cases have been cured after drinking SSG juice.
            They also drank juice from 3 leaves of Guo Sai Por
            (Ti Tham Tou) once per week.

Case 7) Patients with High Cholesterol, High Blood, High Uric Acid
             and Diabetes
             After taking SSG, the conditions improved.

The Sabah Snake Grass Plant
 Its scientific name is Clinacanthus nutans also known as  - 沙巴蛇草  - Sha Ba She Cao,  鰐嘴花 - E zui hua, 憂遁草 - You Dun Cao  in Mandarin or Belalai Gajah or Tarum Siam in Malay or Dandang Gendis in Indonesia.

Daily dosage
SSG leaves come in different sizes and thickness. It is better to consume them base on weight. 

1st stage   - (25gm)
2nd stage  - (30gm)
3rd stage  -  (35-40gm) Divide into half and consume in the morning and afternoon.
4th stage  -  (40-50gm) Divide into half and consume in the morning and afternoon.

You can either chew or blend the leaves. When the patient gets better, reduce the number of leaves.

Direction for juicing SSG
a) Pour half cup of clean water in a blender
b) Add 1 or 2 ice cubes to prevent heating during blending
c) Add 1 quarter of lemon or half a lime juice (provide Vitamin C and prevent oxidization )
d) Wash the required fresh SSG leaves and put them into the blender
e) Peel a green apple and remove the core/seeds
f ) Cut the apple into 8 pieces
g) Put in the pieces of apple and blend
h) Sip a mouthful and swish it to mix with the saliva for better digestion to prevent "wind
i)  Drink with the fibre within 5 minutes.
j) Drink it in the morning or afternoon 45 minutes before breakfast or 2 hours after lunch.
j) If "cooling" add a slice of ginger or drink warming herbal tea (red dates, wolfberries, dried longans, lotus seeds and a few slices of ginger which is boiled together and let it simmer for at least 1 hour) later in the day.

Food to avoid : Sugar and products made with sugar, honey, kembong fish, ray fish, 7 angled-fish, chicken meat, duck meat, yam, glutenous rice, margarine, durians, bird nest, ginseng and other rejuvenating herbs.

Anti-Cancer Compounds
Besides SSG, papaya, apricot seeds, lemon grass and many types of fresh, vegetables, fruit and herbs anti-cancer compounds.

I believe all chronic diseases can be cured with the combination of detoxification, maintaing blood Ph 7.35-7.4, increasing body oxygen, eating or drinking juices from fresh, raw fruits, vegetables and herbs, a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits. There are quite a number of patients with cancer and other chronic diseases recovering and got cured based on my coaching above and natural treatments.
So if you are having any chronic diseases and need coaching and alternative treatments, please contact me.
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May the rest of your life be the best of your life..

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Natural Treatment for Chronic Diseases

Nowadays, many people are suffering from chronic diseases, e.g. cancer, heart diseases, diabetes and more than 10,000 other chronic diseases. According to many studies, many chronic diseases can be cured naturally.

Out of Touch with Nature
We eat, drink and do a lot of things which are against nature. As a result, we are the product of what we eat, drink and do. Most of the food and drinks we consume are denatured, processed, and contain chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics and hormones. Furthermore, we drink too much beverage while eating, do not exercise regularly and live an unhealthy lifestyle. These cause our intestines, colons, liver, gallbladder and kidneys to be congested with toxic matters, parasites and environmental pollutants which leak into our blood and lympathic systems and cause chronic diseases.

The Main Causes of Diseases
The main causes of chronic diseases are toxins, acidity and lack of oxygen and nutrients. They cause our immune system and self-healing mechanism to break down and make us prone to chronic diseases. Medication, surgery and many types of theraphies can only suppress the diseases temporary but leave a lot of side effects. Whereas many chronic diseases can be treated using natural methods without leaving harmful side effects.  

Natural Treatments
As mentioned above, chronic disease, including cancer, is due to toxins, acidity, anaerobic condition and lack of nutrients in the cell. The following steps can be used to treat cancer and other chronic diseases.

a) Detoxification
The first thing chronic patients need to do is to cleanse the colon, liver and gallbladder to remove the toxins and the harmful parasites. Once the toxins and the harmful parasites are eliminated, the colon, liver and gallbladder can help our immune system and self-healing mechanism to function efficiently again.

b) Alkalinity
Secondly, many types of herbs can also help to build up the immunity against chronic diseases. Nature has provided us with thousands of herbs to treat all types of chronic diseases. We only have to identify the right type of herbs, amount and time to consume them.

c) Oxygen
Thirdly, our cells and organs are living organisms. They need oxygen to survive. Cancer cells and parasites cannot survive in aerobic condition. We can increase oxygen intake by performing deep breathing exercise, undergoing oxygen therapy, oxygenating or adding diluted food-grade hydrogen peroxide into our drinking water to oxygenate it.

d) Nutrients
Lastly, the patients should eat plenty of fresh fruit, healthy food and drink fresh, raw vegetable juices to provide nutrients for the body. This is to give energy for the immune system and self-healing mechanism to heal the body.

For more than 8 years I have been researching into natural treatments for chronic diseases. I am willing to share with you on how you can overcome your health problems or those of your loved ones.

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May you be well, happy and healthy always.

Liew Hee Nam