Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sabah Snake Grass

Good News!!!
Recently, I met a man who had Lymphatic Cancer - Stage 4 with 123 lymph nodes affected. His cancer started in March 2008.

Affected parts: 1st: Right lung, 2nd: Left lung, 3rd: Groin, 4th: Eye and 5th Mouth.
After 9 chemo therapies he stopped the treatment on 10/11/2008 because 5 specialists said he can only survive for 3 months. Today, after more than 2 years, he has recovered and is still living. Thanks to the Sabah Snake Grass (Clinacanthus) which he planted outside his house.
He blended the leaves with green apple (minus skin and seeds) and drank them after breakfast everyday.

After 3 days, 6 tumours disappeared.
After 13 days, he went for a blood test.The oncologist said that he was 96% cured.

So far more than 1,000 people who had taken the herbs showed improvement.

Case 1) Man - age 54
             Lung Cancer: 3rd stage.
            Chemothrapy 6 times
            Tumour before taking Sabah Snake Grass 29mm, 44mm, 76mm
            Tumour two weeks after taking Sabah Snake Grass
            reduced to 20mm, 27mm, 67mm respectively

Case 2) Woman
             Uterus cancer – tumour size 6cm
             Scheduled for surgery. After taking SSG, reduced to 3.5cm.
             Doctor said no need to operate 
             Continue taking the SSG, the tumour disappeared.

Case 3) Man
            Prostate Cancer
            After taking SSG for 11 days, the tumour disappeared.

Case 4) Woman from KL
             Breast and Lung Cancer
             Both breasts removed - 4 stage. Very weak, cannot eat,
             on drip and lying in hospital.
             Family member poured SSG juice into her mouth through tube.
             After a few days, could eat and was discharged.
            28 days later was all tumours disappeared.

Case 5) Woman from Taiping
             Breast Cancer
            After taking SSG for 3 days, the wound dried up.

Case 6) Leukemia Patients
            So far 4 cases have been cured after drinking SSG juice.
            They also drank juice from 3 leaves of Guo Sai Por
            (Ti Tham Tou) once per week.

Case 7) Patients with High Cholesterol, High Blood, High Uric Acid
             and Diabetes
             After taking SSG, the conditions improved.

The Sabah Snake Grass Plant
 Its scientific name is Clinacanthus nutans also known as  - 沙巴蛇草  - Sha Ba She Cao,  鰐嘴花 - E zui hua, 憂遁草 - You Dun Cao  in Mandarin or Belalai Gajah or Tarum Siam in Malay or Dandang Gendis in Indonesia.

Daily dosage
SSG leaves come in different sizes and thickness. It is better to consume them base on weight. 

1st stage   - (25gm)
2nd stage  - (30gm)
3rd stage  -  (35-40gm) Divide into half and consume in the morning and afternoon.
4th stage  -  (40-50gm) Divide into half and consume in the morning and afternoon.

You can either chew or blend the leaves. When the patient gets better, reduce the number of leaves.

Direction for juicing SSG
a) Pour half cup of clean water in a blender
b) Add 1 or 2 ice cubes to prevent heating during blending
c) Add 1 quarter of lemon or half a lime juice (provide Vitamin C and prevent oxidization )
d) Wash the required fresh SSG leaves and put them into the blender
e) Peel a green apple and remove the core/seeds
f ) Cut the apple into 8 pieces
g) Put in the pieces of apple and blend
h) Sip a mouthful and swish it to mix with the saliva for better digestion to prevent "wind
i)  Drink with the fibre within 5 minutes.
j) Drink it in the morning or afternoon 45 minutes before breakfast or 2 hours after lunch.
j) If "cooling" add a slice of ginger or drink warming herbal tea (red dates, wolfberries, dried longans, lotus seeds and a few slices of ginger which is boiled together and let it simmer for at least 1 hour) later in the day.

Food to avoid : Sugar and products made with sugar, honey, kembong fish, ray fish, 7 angled-fish, chicken meat, duck meat, yam, glutenous rice, margarine, durians, bird nest, ginseng and other rejuvenating herbs.

Anti-Cancer Compounds
Besides SSG, papaya, apricot seeds, lemon grass and many types of fresh, vegetables, fruit and herbs anti-cancer compounds.

I believe all chronic diseases can be cured with the combination of detoxification, maintaing blood Ph 7.35-7.4, increasing body oxygen, eating or drinking juices from fresh, raw fruits, vegetables and herbs, a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits. There are quite a number of patients with cancer and other chronic diseases recovering and got cured based on my coaching above and natural treatments.
So if you are having any chronic diseases and need coaching and alternative treatments, please contact me.
For more information on health, health talk, coaching and natural treatments.
Please read my postings and sign up as a follower.

May the rest of your life be the best of your life..


  1. Dear Liew,

    It's really good of you to put in the preparation and application of SSG.

    May you suceed in your efforts to help others in distress.

  2. Dear CT,
    Thanks for your comment and praises.

  3. A herbal medicine for all types of cancer? A very nice idea. You keep on giving patients with a different alternative way of surviving cancer. Also, a better way to help charities by donate car.

  4. Dear Mr Liew,

    Do you have the picture of the Sabah Snake Leave?
    Can you post it on this site?
    Thank you.

    S L Chew
    9th March 2011

  5. Hi Chew, I have posted the picture of sabah snake grass to this posting. Cheers!

  6. Hi,I am from Seremban & I am curious to find out, where about can I get hold of this SSG?

  7. Dear Mr Liew,

    Good information sharing. Can SSG be taken as health drink?

  8. Hi Mr. Liew,

    I am from US.
    Wonder where one is able to acquire this SSG here, in Texas? Just in case....! Planting a pot of it would be good idea.
    You are very kind to share your knowledge with others!

    May Buddha bless you.

    BLessings to you,


  9. Thank you for sharing the idea.

  10. Dear Liew,
    Any case of brain tumour being cured also?
    Thank Q very much.

  11. Dear Mr Liew,
    Thank you for your sharing your knowledge. I have been using SSG for years to cure any sore throat in my family. It takes about 5 leaves a day for 2-3 days to cure it. Now I know what else it can do.=).BTW,the name you posted "clinathanus" can't be found in google. Do you have any other English name for it? TQ & may God bless you!

  12. Dear Mr Liew
    I live in S'pore. Could you kindly enlighten me
    as to where i could get the sabah snake grass please?

  13. Hi Connie,This herbal name is Clinacanthus Nutans.

  14. Is this Sabah snake grass any different from the snake grass found in West Malaysia?

  15. Hi Mr Liew,

    I really interesting of this SSG. My brother have kidney problem, please advise where i can get this..Maybe i can help my brother..

  16. Hi Mr Liew,

    How many leaves can a person with normal health consume? Can the leaves be taken everyday?

  17. Hi Mr Liew,
    You said that the SSG can be obtained from Seremban...Can you tell me where in specific that I can get it?

  18. Mr Liew
    Thanks for sharing with your information. I would like to try it out. Do you know of any specific place in Singapore that I can obtain the SSG please?

  19. Thank you Mr. Liew for your fanastic information. I'm from Johor and where can I get this plant to grow in Johor in my garden.

  20. Dear Mr Liew, Thanks for the info. May Allah bless you. Immediately after i get this email from my friend, I talk to my sister. Fortunately she have grow it sometime ago to cure high blood pressure.

    How many leave i need to take to prevent cancer. At the present moment i do have breast cyst. Last operation done in 2006 to remove the cysts in my breast and back.

  21. Dear Mr. Liew I'have diabetes and hipertension stage 2 and 3. My wife suffer with her breast cancer stage 2. Can you get for me the leaves you can email me at or contact me at 019-334-3202. Appreciate your immediate reply!

  22. Mr Liew, is there any place in KL that I can obtain this plant to grow in garden.
    Can this be consume as a supplementary daily for prevention ?
    Appreciate your reply.

  23. i started planting & shared its usage in 2007 with my neighbourhood after 1st experience my son was sting by bee. mom-in-law applied the blended leaves onto my son sting arm & was recovered less than 2 hrs with no mark left.
    anybody in Pasir Gudang area would like to hv this plant for free may message me. planting method is via cutting.
    thank Liew. just happen to know it's edible.
    -nazrul- fb: meranam nazrul

  24. It would be very helpful to hear from cancer survivors on how they used ssg to cure themselves.. i do realise that ssg works differently on each person and condition...

  25. mr liew,

    can you arrange for those who needs that SSG? please email
    thanks and regards

  26. Mr liew
    I am a kidney failure patient.can you please teach me how to prepare the dailysis is three times a week.please help me. Thank you in advance.

    Sally Kuantan.

    1. hey alyssayen i am in the same boat as u are. did you find the grass and have you tryed it? if so how is your grf?

  27. Hi sir,

    Where can i get this?

    John Venga
    Johor Bahru

  28. Hi,

    I am in P.Gudang JB. Can someone advise where i should get it?
    my contact : 016-7334556


  29. hello,

    i am from keningau sabah, i would like to get info about sigmoid colon cancer. where can i get SSG? dad is still under treatment & he's going to chemo therapy on this 27th april 2011 he's at stage 3 now..please help me how to get SSG..TQ



  30. Dear Mr Liew,

    I am from Kuala father is having sigmoid colon cancer, stage 3. He is going for chemotherapy on the 11/5/2011. I would like to get SSG for him to try...please can you let me know how to get it


  31. Dear Mr.Liew

    Thank you so much for your sharing.. I am from India. I found the similar plant in india. That plant botanical name is "polygala elongata" (in Tamil Periya nangai). Is the same?

    What is the botanical name of the snake grass.


  32. It is called Clinacanthus Nutans

  33. God Bless you for sharing. Initially got SSG leave which are very bitter. Luckily my dear sisters went through tough times and finally got the correct SSG, which is not bitter. Am I correct that it shld not be bitter?

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  35. Try to read this
    I just study about this, wish can help people who need.
    May God heal all who is in need.

  36. I want to know how to take it before or after meal. What is the best time to take.

  37. As in ‘Gerson’s Therapy’, we understand it uses nutrition to cure cancer (via juicing). As for ‘nitrilosides’, we learn that it kills cancer cells directly and promptly. However, I believe a lot of us don’t know how exactly this Sabah Snake Grass works to effect a cure for cancer – though it holds very promising outlook. That’s why I am very keen to know and learn EVERYTHING about Sabah Snake Grass from well-informed sources of the “how, what, why, when etc”. I hope someone in this website (and other related websites as well) will be kind enough to share and enlighten me on those areas as I can’t find any websites which are truly informative and/or educative. Please kindly guide me to websites or any other materials pertaining to matters on this miraculous plant. My email address is

    A note of interest though - while there are so many people can’t find this phenomenal Sabah Snake Grass in West Malaysia, there’s this herbalist in East Malaysia (Sabah, Kota Kinabalu) who is selling the plants and leaves altogether like super hot cakes! Her plants and leaves are very ‘fast-moving’ as it’s quite obvious that demand is apparently greater than production due to the exodus of terminal sick people coming all the way from Brunei and Sarawak to get the plants and leaves from her. Of course most of these end-stage cancer patients can’t afford to wait for the plants to be fully grown with leaves over night, that’s why this herbalist is selling the leaves altogether with the plants as well. This can only be logic indeed - especially for those in their advance stages having poor prognosis with only a few months to live. She further claims that this god-send plant has saved countless lives in her years of selling this life-saving plant

    Since this website is all about kind-hearted individuals helping fellow human race to overcome cancer by providing information on alternative protocols, let’s join our hands together to create a better tomorrow by additional researches on this unique Sabah Snake Grass and make Malaysia proud – particularly Sabah. Anyone who has vast knowledge on how this amazing grass/plant works, please kindly email me ASAP as I am contemplating to plant a lot of this SSG to give out freely to all Malaysians - of course and only if this Sabah Snake Grass is as astounding as it has claimed to be. Fortunately with the good news, I am told that SSG can be courier to all parts of Malaysia. Kindly advise me of any other similar websites like this one as I will post this message on all Sabah Snake Grass and Clinacanthus Nutans websites in order to obtain as much information as possible. Cheers and thanks in advance and God bless us all with good health

  38. Bro Liew,
    Good of you to share your experience.
    You are very blessed.
    Can you tell us where to get the seeds of this sabah snake grass. i would like to plant them.
    watson lim.


  39. Komathi Nadaraja
    Hai Mr.Liew

    Thank you for the information.
    I have an aunt who is just diagnosed with Secondary Bone Marrow cancer Stage 4 and the root of the cancer was from a minute cancer lump in her breast. She is in Ipoh, do you have any information on where can i get the SSG leaf in Ipoh.

  40. i know it works for shingles. pound the SSG leaves and add alcohol or wine and swab the infected area a few times daily. Also very good for heatiness - sore throats, etc

  41. Hi Mr. Liew,
    A friend of mine was diagnosed with lung cancer stage 4. Affected both his lungs and one of it has 2 should he take the SSG?


  42. Yes, where can we get seeds or planting material of this SSG? I live near Jakarta. Is this already available/found in Java Island of Indonesia?

    Thank you for any information.

  43. for those in seremban , i saw on web that shown Pusat Pertanian Pantai Baru selling this plant. It located at Jalan Pantai Batu 7, 71700 Pantai , Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

    I also look this plant too for my mum that hv tyroid then it change to cancer , stage 4. hope it can cure her..

  44. SSG can be taken as a health drink. Blend about 10 fresh leaves with an apple. Flow the procedure written in the article above.

  45. Dear Followers and Readers,

    Sorry for not responding to your comments. I was very busy giving health talks everyday, answering phone calls, emails and some of the SMS. Due to these, I seldom look at my blog.
    If you have questions, please email me for faster reply. My email address is

  46. Kenzie,
    found this link with few research papers by the Siamese (thailand).

  47. For those from Singapore, you can buy SSG from
    Blk 335 Smith Street, Chinatown Complex #B1-161

  48. Nazrul Azmi... Thanks for the info. Really appreciate it. If you have additional info, please let me know again. I will share the info with others who wish to know more about the miraculous effects of SSG. Tnxs again Nazrul

  49. hi, may you tell me where can i get the seed of SSG in Texas?

  50. How many leaves of SSG I need to take for treatment of uterine fibroid

  51. Can someone tell me where can I get some of these plants in Australia?

  52. I have been following blogs on the Sabah Snake Grass recently and was amazed by this plant's healing power.

    Mr. H.N. Liew has never suffered any form of cancer but a heart attack back in 2002 and was self cured by Mr liew himself using Ayurveda and Naturopath, was both of these herbs?

    To-day, I read so much about the Sabah Snake Grass specially in this blog where some are desperately wanted to know where and how it is available. From the start of this blog Mr. Liew never mentioned if he really lay his hands on the SSG. On the other hand he is kind to share this plant's ultimate healing power on cancer.
    Keep up the good work.
    I am from Sabah and I am positively sure this plant is available fairly easy here.


  53. Hi Mr Liew
    I am Gwen from Singapore. I am keen to obtain a small plant of the Sabah Snake Grass to grow in my flat....would you be able to help me identify the places in Singapore which have these plants. i am prepared to pay for a small pot of plant. My email address is Thanks

  54. it works for deep tissue abscess. i just proved it. haha. thank u so much Mr Liew

  55. hi, i'm from india. just want to find out more abt SSG. can you tell me how frequent should a cancer patient consume SSG daily?and how should it be consume?

  56. Can i get this plant in india or can u send the plant if possible.

  57. I found your write up and personal experience very beneficial to many more readers out there, especially those who are fighting for their lives against various types of Cancer.

    I hope you will allow me to post your blog through linking with mine (


  58. Hi Mr Liew

    I am much intrigued by your article of SSG. I was
    diagnosed with a benign tumour at my neck. Can SSG be used to shrink the tumour? I noticed that most of the cases you mentioned are cancer patients. Does SSG has any side effects?


  59. Thanks for this valuable info. May you have success in helping the needed.


  60. Liew, please, how do I go about getting this plant? I would like to grow it in my garden of herbs. Presently I have the misai kuching, mengkudu, bismi, dukung anak. These are all in Malay traditional names. I am not sure of their scientific names.

  61. I'm currently seeking this plant, Sabah Snake Grass in Penang. I've tried searching around Penang Snake Temple, and to no avail, there are none. Would you recommend any other place in Penang, or near Penang where I can get this plant?

  62. Hi, my Mom is a stage 4 lung cancer patient & shes currently consuming the SSG as part of her treatment. She buys them from a Malaysian who can deliver to Singapore frequently, for more details/interested parties pls contact me at

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.


  65. Well said Kenny. You sounded very smart with your logical thinking. I believe you and many will ask and concern what Scientific prove this grass can heal Cancer.
    Smart as you are do you know it takes at least 10 years to research before it is approve. Then another 5-10 years before they get into the hospital.
    Also did you not realise that are natural don't kill unless you over dose it. Think again Kenny, do you know that Radio therapy & Chemo therapy kill good cells too. Chemo is the worst cause it almost wipes out almostly completely your good cells. Good luck & congratulations if you survived because you are the 20% WORLD wide who did make it. What happen after remission. No Docter will tell you what next.
    FYI, your immunity is now ZERO percent. A simple flu or virus attack will kill you. Your side effects can be Cancer of another kind because of ZERO immunity & Chemo is poison to the body which I hope you understand.
    Now tell us how smart are you, if SSG can compliment RT & CT, will you give it a try? It is dirt cheap especially for the poor. I always believe good medicines need not be expensive. It is the research & study & manufacturing process that jack up the price. Even if it don't what did they loose when there is no side effects and don't kill.
    Also it will be very foolish to the pharmatical society to take up this research because they can't PATENT it to make money.
    FYI, Thailand and China have done some simple reseach on the contents. Final results is, it have antioxidant values and other vitamins which is good to the body healing process.
    Finally to Kenny, Cancer don't increase over night. It is already in your body waiting to explode, no matter how healthy you are. It is accumulated through years on your diets, stress, environment, sleep. Wish you good health.


  66. Hi all,

    My wife is stage 4 lung cancer patient. She took SSG(300 pcs per day) for few days and she felt very painful on her back,shoulder and stomach. Sometime, feel like to vomit. This pain has last for 1 week already...Is this a good sign or bad sign? Anyone has the same experience?



  67. This comment has been removed by the author.

  68. This comment has been removed by the author.

  69. To WWF,
    I believe it is due to overdose of SSG. Should not take more than 30 to 50 pcs of SSG perday.


  70. To Kenny ho,
    I think most of the ppl who take ssg now in this blog hav try out the westen medication and where had the westen medication lead them??????????
    i hav seen a person who is stage4 lung cancer and with 4 tumour in his brain hav inproved after taking ssg for about a month,i m now helping another friend who is stage4 nose cancer. so keep ur Stupid and Bullshit to ur self........

  71. Hello Song Hoe, thank u 4 sharing your testimony. I'm also a Stage 4 lung cancer patient n would like to get some info fm your experience. Pls contact me on my email :

  72. I've heard about the grass and a friend of mine has been taking it for many years. It was very effective from him. He's been having constant supply from a lady. If you need, you may call Angela @ 010 515 3186. Apparently she can provide weekly supply and could commit to year long delivery. Those ssg are delivered to door step.

  73. i bought this plant from RRI sungai buloh.. lot no 43 ...

  74. Dear Mr Liew,
    Please help!!! My wife is diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. She had the tumour removed on 14/09/2011. Now recovering from the surgery. We meet the oncologist and advice to do chemotherapy (05/10/2011). Kindly advice me, if she is undergoing chemo, is it advisible to continue with the SSG drink (apprently she is drinking 200-300 of leaves a day). Should she stop while doing the chemotherapy or continue to drink while doing the chemotheraoy???? I am totally lost. PLEASE HELP!!

  75. Dear followers,
    Thank you for reading my blog.
    Sorry I have not been able to reply to all your questions or comments. This is because I seldom visit my blog.
    If you are interested in listening to my health talk or have questions, please email: for reply.

  76. Dear Jimmy (Stillalive) and Ibeback,
    Thank you for your valuable comment to Kenny Ho's comment on July 16, 2011.
    Since I first started writing about SSG in my blog, many people have tried it. I have come across many successful stories from cancer patients and also people with chronic diseases who have drank SSG juice regularly.
    Please bear in mind that SSG cannot cure cancer or chronic diseases alone. The patients need holistic treatment e.g. detox, drink plenty of fresh herbs,fruits and vegetables juices, do deep breathing exercise, avoid bad eating habits, unhealthy diet and lifestyle.
    Many cancer patients who had listened to my talk and followed my coaching are recovering and their tumours disappeared.
    If you like to listen about how SSG can help you, email me for information on my talk. My email is :

  77. Hi all,
    I've been studying about this plant for a while now. Although I see a lot of positive results that people claimed (do you always take the words of strangers?), I still remain skeptic about it. All I know is, the active compounds in the plant could obliterate basically every cell within the vicinity including good ones once activated. However, they are not easy to activate once in the body -- so they remain harmless and kill nothing (or kill, but just to a minor degree).

    I don't quite agree with stillalive about chemo. In fact, I categorize the treatment using this plant as chemotherapy as well. If you want to argue that this plant possesses natural chemicals, then let's look at Paclitaxel (Taxol) or Daunorubicin (or its commonly used derivative, Doxorubicin) which are used in chemotherapy and are also natural products of plant and bacteria, respectively. Both of them are toxic even to normal cells (to a certain degree) and cause unwanted complications.

    Many people have the wrong perception about chemo and alternative treatments. To me, they are both equally dangerous; it depends only on how much you administered into your body. If you follow chemo protocol strictly like all doctors do, then of course you will take the dosage to the limit to eliminate all malignant cells (can you blame them?). If you follow not so strictly for palliative reason, then it might heal, but most often not.

  78. Please tell me the botanical name for the Indian snake grass. Is it the same as the SSG? We have something growing that look similar.I believe it is called andrographis panculata. It is very bitter. Thanks



  81. Where can i get ssg area selangor?

    1. Hi Nor Mastura,i have planted SSG at my home. If u want some to plant pls feel free to email me at

  82. Dear Mr Liew,

    I would like to know if there is any 'pantang' when we are consuming snake grass for cancer? I understand that there are many things that we cannot eat whilst consuming this item? Please advise me.

    Thank you

  83. Dear Mr Liew,

    May i know how to use SSG in LYMPHOMA( Cancer stage 4 ) Recently having Chemo 3rd time .

  84. Dear Mr Choong, you take ssg herb 100-200 pieces everyday before breakfast. Blend ssg with green apple and a bit lemon. Don't forget remove the apple skin and seed. Any information you can email to me Thank you and get well soon. God bless


  85. I m from india, i m supply the sabah snake grass tea bag to cancer patient. too many people are taking that tea bag from me and they are getting imprvement in their health. you can mail me if you want the tea bag.

  86. Hi I have 2 weeks worth of ssg for anyone who needs it in singapore. just email me at I need to prune my ssg but it will be wasted if i just throw it away

  87. Hye,
    Visit our blog for Metabolic Therapy products(Especially for cancer):

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  89. Hello I am wondering if anyone would have any information or be able to send me SSG to Queensland in Australia. My partner is 21 and has osteosarcoma and two dangerous tumors which we are desperate to try and shrink. He is currently taking some in Hong Kong and we believe that it is working well. However we are moving to Australia soon and really need some there!!
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    thanks, from Georgee

  90. Hi Georgina,

    My mother has just been told she has Stage 4 bowel cancer. Would you mind telling me where you can buy the SSG in Hong Kong please?

    Appreciate your help.

  91. Its great to hear that detox therapy can even helpful for big problems like cancer.One can surely try beneficial Thailand Detox therapy.

  92. Luckily I found out your blog. I am also regarding to Detox Matters.

  93. How about kidney failure ist helpfull To it?

  94. Will SSG help with controlling diabetes. Can I take skyfruit and SSG at the same and if yes, what dosage would you recommend. Thank you.

  95. Spiritual Detoxification is a methodology of clearing your past thought designs and affections by purging your Aura and Chakras and raise your vibrational recurrence to the most astounding conceivable state so you can come back to your regular state of being Unconditional Love, Joy and Bliss. We provide Spiritual Counselling Services for individuals who need to clear their inner debris.

  96. Dear Mr Liew.,
    My dad in law in the dired condition of his 4th stage cancer any hope to help him. Can SSG help hoim recover.

  97. my name is MARIAN i was suffering from BREAST CANCER my pcv which is my blood level was very high,.. i heard about the power of Dr Oko healing medicine i apply for it and the doctor gave me the medicine and spiritual healing prayers to say and told me that the power of the healing drugs can cure my BREAST CANCER and he also told me to for get and stop taking the medication i was using before i really used it, and i concentrated on the medicine that Dr Oko gave to me and i was cure from CANCER i urge you all to get the DR OKO healing medicine, you reach the great man that produce the healing medicine through his email address at:

    1. Hi Marian,

      May i have your contact no. ? I wish to know more about how you cure the disease.

  98. Dear doc.. is that SSG or Belalai Gajah is the same plant of Hempedu Bumi?

  99. Nice Info! There are many types of cancer which can be spread in full body which cannot be prevented easily.

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    1. Your name and date of birth
    2. Names of other people involved in the spell
    3. Birth dates of other people (optional, only if this is known)
    4. A brief history of the situation
    5. A paragraph or two, in your own words, of the exact desired result of your spell
    6. your location
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