Sunday, August 26, 2012

Natural Treatment for Cancer

When a person has cancer, he or she will most probably have fear of death. If they have no knowledge about cancer they will visit the doctors for treatment. They should instead surf the internet and do research on conventional and natural treatments for cancer. With knowledge, they can overcome their fear and get the best treatments.
According to a book, "Cancer is Not a Disease" written by Andreas Moritz, 90% of cancer patients died within the first year after conventional treatments. After 5 years, only 2-7% survive their treatments. Even 80% of the doctors who have cancer will not go for the conventional treatments. For the last 100 years, these treatments do not help their patients. They make their conditions worse. WHY? Cancer patients have very high toxins and dead cells. These treatments will increase the toxins and kill more cells in their body. They will cause more inflammation in their body. This will weaken the immune system.
After the treatments, they cannot eat and drink properly. Many patients die of starvation, cachexia and poisons due to the treatments.
Conventional treatments treat the disease, whereas holistic treatments treat the whole body - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I believe all types of cancer can be healed by your body. You can prevent and heal cancer yourself through: detoxification (bowel, parasite, liver and gallbladder cleanse and enema), alkalizing, oxygenating, exercising and sweating in the sun, drinking fruit, vegetables and herbal juices, good eating and drinking habits, healthy diet, lifestyle and removing the root causes of cancer. Many cancer patients, had recovered by using natural treatments. So if you have cancer or need information about cancer, attend my health seminar or workshop. Fill in the registration form by clicking: http// I will inform you of the date, time and venue later. "Most people work hard and disregard their health to achieve wealth. When they fall sick, they spend their wealth trying to gain back their health. “Prevention is better than cure”. “Overhaul Your Body” before it is too late!!! This is because they have no knowledge about cancer.


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